About the Owner

Kelley House served in the US Army National Guard from 1984 to 1987 and joined the US Navy to go on active duty at Naval Air Station Miramar in San Diego, CA. He belonged to the VF 114 “Fighting Aardvarks” and served onboard the USS Enterprise. He was eager to work on both. Although he preferred the Army, the Navy filled him with many memories with significant meaning, like the name of this company.

Around the ’90s, he was working in the Gulf of Alaska on a commercial fishing boat. A severe storm hit the vessel out of nowhere, causing him to break his back in two places, herniating eight discs and breaking other bones in his body. From then, he spent two years recovering. Thanks to the help of friends who never allowed him to give up, Kelley got absorbed into learning a new skill: construction.

A New Beginning

The help of that special friend who taught him how to overcome obstacles and manage projects led him to start a new path. Since then, he has managed remodelings for companies like The Home Depot and Renewal By Andersen.

His great effort inspires our team every day. One of the most valuable things for us at Aardvark 1 Enterprises is customer service. Our dependable team always goes out of its way to build professional relationships with our clients. Our priority is to offer our suggestions and recommendations and let you have the last word.

Work with us and enjoy our manufacturer's warranty!

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Guarantee quality workmanship during the installation.

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Protect your home from the elements through quality solutions.

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Improve your home's energy efficiency and appearance.

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Prevent erosion around your foundation during severe weather.


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